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The purpose determines your needs, so why pay for a full appraisal when the right appraisal will do?

True Story:

A family wished to relocate from California to Georgia. Without consulting an appraiser, they placed their home on the open market for a price that they determined would suit their needs. The home sold in 1 day at the list price - this in an area that had a typical list-to-sell cycle of approximately 45 days. At the time of sale, their home appraised at a value of $40,000 higher than their listed sale price. Without a contingency, the sellers had to sell and later stated when asked how they felt: "We got the price we wanted, we made $150,000, anyway"...

Great for the buyer�but who really wants to leave $40,000 on the table?

Please see the information below to determine what level of service you need.

Become a Certified Residential Value Specialist CRVS

Foreclosure Opportunity   Finding Market Value   / BPO's & Appraisals   Become a Certified Residential Value Specialist CRVS   6 Week, In-depth, easy to follow course!   You will provide your own home to be valued & follow the process that is used by the most successful Appraisers and Brokers.

Upon Completing the Class You Will:

  • Know how to correctly complete a BPO!
  • Have the confidence that your value is the correct one!
  • Know the step by step process in finding Value!
  • Be able to create a report that will impress the Asset Managers!
  • Know the process behind the way an appraiser builds their report.

The Value of Becoming a CRVS   However you define success, you can get there faster by earning Designations and through education.   CRVS training gives you in-depth knowledge about the process behind finding value, completing BPO's and the appraisal process. Completing BPO's correctly is an essential tool in securing REO / Foreclosure business.   Once you have completed the thorough educational requirements to earn the Certified Residential Value Specialist Designation, you have the tools and experience to complete the most difficult BPO's. Completing the reports in an accurate and timely manner is essential for success in today's competitive market.   Why choose CRVS and not other designations? Because the program is backed by decades of field and classroom experience; through our proven steps you will have the confidence to stand behind your market values, the first time!

   Sponsored and backed by: For What It's Worth Appraisals, Inc.

Short Sale  /  Short Cuts
CSS Designation!      Certified Short-Sale Specialist!

As the lenders are increasing their efforts to stop the Mortgage Meltdown they are offering HUGE incentives to homeowners to Short Sale their homes instead of going through with a Foreclosure. Even though the lenders are Streamlining their process & becoming more open to Short Sales � You still need to have the right tools to get the deals done!

With the remaining 5 million defaults predicted in the U.S. this means that there will be a high demand for Short-Sale Specialists! Are you ready!?!
Our 5 Assignment Course delivers to you every aspect of the Short Sale Process, giving you the tools needed to close that deal and Get Paid!

How the Course Works:
The course is set-up in a questions and answer form with an exercise at the end.
Each assignment is due when you complete it! This is a go at-your-own pace course!
Your completed assignments and any questions that you may have are to be emailed to: class@fwiw.cc. Your instructor will review your completed assignment. Then you will be emailed the next assignment.

This class is designed to be unique to you. You may, if you wish, learn as much as you like by completing your assignments and then emailing additional questions.

Upon completion of all of the assignments you will receive the examples and templates of some documents that will be needed to complete a short sale.

Why Work With Short Sales? Here are 3 Good Reasons:
1.         Because, ultimately you like to help people!
2.         Money! Foreclosures are going to still be around, but there will be a greater number of short sales.
3.        A Short Sale removes the two biggest issues in listing a property � the amount of commission and the list price!

The Value of Becoming a CSS (Certified Short-Sale Specialist):  However you define success, you can get there faster by earning Designations and through education.   CSS training gives you in-depth knowledge. Once you have completed the thorough educational requirements to earn the Certified Short Sale Specialist Designation, you have the tools and in-sight to call yourself a �Specialist�. Why choose CSS and not other designations? Because the program is backed by decades of field and classroom experience; through our proven steps you will have the confidence to Close that Deal!

Do-It-Yourself Workbooks - Beginning @ $29.95
Teaching the consumer how to value his real estate investments, these workbooks guide the non-professional appraiser through the sometimes difficult and cumbersome market data found in your local market. With the help of the customized, easy to follow grid and tables of suggested adjustments, anyone can value of their home. Laymen and professionals alike have found real value in these workbooks.
Would you spend $29.95 to save $40,000?

Available for: Single Family Home, Condominium, and 2 to 4 units.

Full Residential Appraisals
- Call for more information
Typically used by Banks, Savings and Loans, and Mortgage Companies to secure property in the primary and secondary markets. This appraisal requires a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the subject property with many comments and little departure from federal and state guidelines.

California State Certified / FHA Approved

Limited Residential Appraisals
- Call for more information
Used by portfolio Banks as well as Savings and Loans, this report includes a drive-by (exterior) or interior inspection. This form of appraisal allows for more departure from the Federal and State guidelines, which saves you money.

- Call for more information
This option is for those individuals that need to know a value, prior to making an important real estate decision. You may be deciding when to sell, have to settle some kind of dispute or would just like the assurance of a second opinion. Provide us with a description of your improvements, upgrades and amenities, and one of our associates will complete a market analysis, returning a probable selling price in a timely manner. If you need to have a full appraisal within 30 days, we will apply the amount paid toward the cost of a full appraisal. 

Finding Probable Sales Price for Realtors, Owners and Buyers

There is no better illustration for the need of this service than the story shared above. We will provide an opinion of value with a market range, including a market analysis report.

Relocation Assistance
- Call for quote
Our company has assisted many professionals in relocating to and from California. Fully versed in the requirements of a relocation company, the associates at For What It's Worth can help you prepare your home for sale, and provide one of the appraisal reports necessary in a relocation.

Property Tax Analysis
- Call for quote
In an ever changing market, the tax assessor may not be able to keep up with the correct market value for your home or rental. A market analysis or appraisal may help you save money.

Confirm your Living Area -Call for quote
Whether you got the size of your home from the builder, from the tax rolls or from your neighbor with the same model, you may need to be sure. You are taxed on your improvements and pay property insurance, based on your living area. To be sure, you can simply have one of our associates come to your home, measure and provide you with a sketch while avoiding the cost of a full appraisal report.

Market analysis / Client or Personal Probable Selling Price
(money back guarantee) - Call for quote
Need to price your home at the current market value?
Not sure of your value in this changing market?
Tired of losing listings due to price opinions?
Get a professional / unbiased market analysis for a fraction of the cost of a full appraisal!
*If you or your client's home does not sell within a specified time, then the $50 is returned.
*You may also apply the market analysis fee to a full appraisal for your buyer, further reducing the cost of marketing a property.
You and your client will receive: * Probable Selling Price * High / Low Market Range * Brief Market Analysis / Trends * Address of Comps Utilized
Let a certified residential appraiser give you a price opinion and you have a great tool in listing, buying or selling a property.

Services are currently available in most of the Greater Sacramento area. Federal and State regulations may affect and/ or restrict the purpose and intention of the reports. This appraisal firm, its associates and employees follow the requirements and guidelines set by USPAP, FIRREA, Federal, and other State regulatory agencies. Departure from these regulations and guidelines may be necessary to save you money and time, but not without due diligence. The purpose, intent and use of any of the above reports are established prior to accepting any assignments. Services and prices are subject to change with the appropriate disclosure.


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